Climate Data and ProjectionsInstitutional ArrangementsDisaster Management and Disease Prevention

Climate Data and Projections

Robust observed climate data and climate projections for Rwanda are crucial to understanding the current and future impacts of climate change and developing scenarios to assess the potential adaptation strategies for Rwanda.

The Rwanda Meteorological Service is executing its five-year Strategic Plan. RMS is currently implementing a 5-year Strategic Plan, which includes investment into upgrading their network of meteorological stations.

Institutional Arrangements

To implement climate compatible development, it will be critical for Rwanda to create an institutional arrangement that allows for transparent and effective flow of information, knowledge and financial resources.

A National Fund for Climate and the Environment (FONERWA) is being established and will play a key role in managing climate funds that flow into Rwanda.

Disaster Management and Disease Prevention

Rwanda’s hilly topography and high annual precipitation rates bring high risks from flooding, storms, landslides and vector and water-borne diseases, while other natural disasters include droughts and earthquakes.

Over-exploitation of the natural environment such as deforestation and inappropriate farming on steep slopes increases the hazard risk

Welcome to Rwanda Climate Portal

This Portal was established and is managed by Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA). 
It aims to serve as information hub on climate change in Rwanda and it provides a platform for all climate change practitioners and stakeholders to discuss, network and share climate change knowledge and information.