20 June 2022

Climate change as key issue that are of special in the CHOGM – 2022 discussion

The effects of climate change are being felt throughout the Commonwealth, with some Member States experiencing climate change impacts, which is a threat to their economies, their communities, and their way of life. The Commonwealth has a special responsibility to amplify their voices and build meaningful solidarity to protect their interests.

It is in this respect, the climate issues will be discussed in the CHOGM – 2022 in the commonwealth people’s forum under the theme of climate justice and leadership for change in the commonwealth.

This is in the line with the latest IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report that revealed about the widespread and indiscriminate consequence of climate inaction. The effects are in place such as heatwaves, droughts and floods are exceeding ecosystem thresholds and the ability of individual countries to manage weather extremes.

The commonwealth people’s forum will discuss on the priorities in which the Commonwealth be taking forward to Cop-27 and how can the people of the Commonwealth and its institutions build their power in the multilateral space.

This is will be an opportune time to discuss on the on equity, justice and practical progress, this session part panel discussion, part workshop will seek to develop a plan of action for the Commonwealth at COP27, putting the needs of the most vulnerable front and center.

As a host country, Rwanda have made a tremendous steps in implementing the Paris Agreement whereby through its Nationally Determined Contributions submitted, it has made clear that it will reduce 38% of its emissions and implement the adaptation actions in key seven sectors (Agriculture, Water, Land and Forestry, Mining, Human Settlement, Health and Cross sectoral response).

In the People’s Forum speakers, notably Dr. Jimmy Fletcher (a former Minister for Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology in Saint Lucia), Harjeet Singh (Global lead on climate change for Action Aid, India), Maxwell Gomera  (Resident Representative, UNDP Rwanda) andDr Ugirashebuja Emmanuel (Member of the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment, Emeritus president of the East African Court of Justice and current Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Republic of Rwanda) are expected to discuss climate justice.




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