Rwanda Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program

This program supports infrastructure investments as well as institutional capacity development. It involves multiple water supply and sanitation sub-projects or interventions to be implemented in the City of Kigali and in the satellite cities of Rubavu, Rusizi, Nyagatare, Muhanga, Huye, Musanze, and Karongi.


6 years



Source of funds


Implementing organisation



The program focuses on the urban water and sanitation subsector to promote development in the identified key satellite cities and in the city of Kigali. Its benefits include: (a) improved reliability and sustainability of the water supply and sanitation services; (b) overall improvement of the public health situation in the target cities and their surrounding areas, as a result of more reliable improved water supply and sanitation services, and (c) an enhanced operation & maintenance (O&M) capacity of Water & Sanitation Corporation Limited (WASAC).

The project will involve three major components: (i) Water Supply Infrastructure and Services Improvement component, (ii) sanitation infrastructure and services improvement, and (iii) Institutional Support. The water supply component will involve the construction of water production intakes, water treatment plants, storage facilities, transmission pipelines, and distribution systems for the city of Kigali and for the 6 satellites while the construction of landfills and feacal sludge treatment plants will cover 4 towns of Rusizi, Karongi, Rubavu and Musanze, and Centralized wastewater treatment system for the City of Kigali

Project outcomes

  • Rehabilitation, upgrading and extension of water supply network in Kigali City and peri-urban areas,
  • Construction of Kigali city centralized sewerage treatment system and trunk sewer network,
  • Rehabilitation and extension of water supply distribution networks in the City of Kigali and 6 secondary cities of Musanze, Rubavu and Muhanga, Nyagatare, Huye and Rusizi,
  • Construction of landfills and feacal sludge treatment plants in the 4 towns of Rusizi, Karongi, Rubavu, and Musanze.

Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

Programme of Action
  • Programme 3: Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Programme 10: Low Carbon Urban Systems
  • Water security through efficiency and conserv
  • Utilisation of the Waste Stream