Building National and Local Capacities for Disaster Risk Management in Rwanda

The project is a Disaster Risk Management (DRM) capacity development initiative. It builds upon the Project Initiation Plan signed in 2011. It aims to develop capacities for DRM at all three tiers: at the enabling environment, organizational and individual.


2 years



Source of funds


Implementing organisation



The proposed project is geared towards helping the Government of Rwanda to strengthen its DRM capacity, enhance preparedness and reduce risks, and achieve its global commitment to the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) and the MDGs. The proposed project will have five inter-related outputs. It will support the institutional capacity strengthening of MINEMA and local DDMCs reinforce national coordination mechanisms for DRM and raise public awareness.

In addition, the proposed project aimed to support mainstreaming of DRR in development plans and key relevant policies and building risk knowledge through a comprehensive risk assessment and development of the country’s National Risk Profile. Furthermore, the project supported the establishment of the end-to-end early warning systems and it will pilot a risk reduction strategy based on vulnerability reduction and risk mitigation measures. The proposed project will adopt a multi-hazard approach and will ensure a multi-stakeholder engagement during its lifecycle. 

Project outcomes

  • Improved systems for sustainable management of the environment, natural resources and renewable energy resources, energy access and security, for environmental and climate change resilience
  • Reduced negative impact and improved recovery of affected populations as a result of humanitarian crises

Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

Programme of Action
  • Programme 3: Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Programme 10: Low Carbon Urban Systems
  • Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness and Response Planning
  • Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction