Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

The Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy looks to 2050 and recommends actions that Rwanda can take to ensure prosperity in a changing climate and uncertain energy future. The strategy aims to guide integrated national policy and planning, mainstream climate change into all sectors of the economy, and position Rwanda to access international finance to achieve climate resilience and low carbon development.

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Strategic Objectives

  1. To achieve energy security and a low carbon energy supply that supports the development of green industry and services.
  2. To achieve sustainable land use and water resource management that results in food security, appropriate urban development and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  3. To achieve social protection, improved health and disaster risk reduction that reduces vulnerability to climate change.

Guiding Principles

  1. Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
  2. Good Regional and Global Citizenship
  3. Sustainability of the Environment and Natural resources
  4. Gender Equality and Equity
  5. Welfare and Wellness of all citizens in a growing population

Programmes of Action